Bellmouth Fitting Landing

Polyethylene has incredible fabrication flexibility, it can be machined, extruded, injection moulded and welded into any shape, meaning any fitting which can be imagined, can be manufactured. This section contains a wide range of specialty PE products used in water supply applications.  

Polyethylene provides far more flexibility than Ductile Iron which is restricted to casting shapes, making a single product is expensive and DI cannot be reliably welded.  Steel offers more ability to create custom solutions however suffers corrosion-related failures. Custom made pressure rated PE fittings can be manufactured to order as shown in the examples below.

Factory fabrication of complex design solutions are possible, below are some examples of the amazing flexibility of Polyethylene in pressure water systems. Contact us to discuss design possibilities for custom fabricated pressure fittings up to DN1800 and PN25 pressure ratings.

Below are some examples of complex PE projects designed in full pressure class ratings by Reinert Ritz.