WWD Transitions Landing

Polyethylene Transition or Adapter fittings are used to connect PE gravity drainage pipe to or from other pipe materials such as: Ductile or Cast Iron, PVC, VCP Clay, RCP Reinforced concrete pipe.  Transitions are typically a PE socket end with a rubber ring joint to fit over the alternate pipe material and seal onto its spigot.

Manufacture - Transitions are machined from a single piece of PE100 PE hollow bar and include an integrated puddle flange. The puddle, when encased in Concrete anchors PE Rubber Ring Joint to the existing pipe material to prevent the PE pulling the unrestrained socket of the existing pipe end. (Understand why PE pipes must be anchored here.)

Concentric vs. Eccentric Transitions - The difference in Inside diameters between the existing pipe and the PE determines if the transition design must be concentric or eccentric. Eccentric designs must be used where the diameters between the PE ID and existing pipe material ID is ≥ 5%. This maintains a free draining level invert inside the pipe avoiding wastewater pools that become septic. Refer DSD Appendix 5A Clause 5.8.9.

Non Pressure only - Polyethylene RRJ sockets must not be used in pressure applications, they are designed for an operating pressure of up to 0.5Bar or 5m of head, for greater pressure applications contact us for a special socket design.

PE Spigot transitions - are also available by special order to insert into the sockets of existing DI, CI, Clay, PVC or Concrete pipes, contact us for availability.