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Mill-Pro is one of the leading technical specialists in Polyethylene pipe systems in Asia.  Our technical team each have more than 25 years experience in the manufacture, design and specification of PE pipes and fittings, with global experience dating back to the early 1990s and experience in the Hong Kong market since 2006.

This technical section includes our technical our presentations on PE systems over the last 12 years for both water & wastewater, PE burial design calculator, Technical notes, specifications and hundreds of other papers supporting the design, installation, operation and repair of Polyethylene systems.

This area is designed for consultants and network operators and because we have significant intellectual property in this technical section, we do not provide open access. Users are required to 'Create an Account' this provides basic access for anyone, however, if you are registering using an email address from any of the following domains:

any-address.gov.hk, bv.com, atkinsglobal.com, aecom.com, arup.com, hkairport.com, meinhardt.com.hk, manningsasia.com, leighorange.com, jacob.com, mottmac.com

Once you confirm your company email, the system will automatically provide you with full access.

If your email address is not listed above, we may request further information from you to confirm you are a designer, specifier or partner of ours. Please don't be put off by this, for legitimate users we want you to have access to all our materials and calculation programs, however, this area contains years of copyright work and research that we do not wish to share with competitors.

If you believe you or your organisation's domain should be included the list above, please drop us an email at info@mill-pro.com.hk and provide some background information (such as a web site) and we will add it. if you cannot find what you are looking for in our technical section, contact us by email and let us know how we can help.