Material Data Records

Mill-Pro inspects, tests and reports on all raw materials and products we supply. We create and maintain complete data records and we publish summary (3.1) Reports on our web site to allow our clients to access and down load them.

3.1 reports include a batch release report (BRT), raw material certificates (COA), material & product test results (OIT, MFR, Dimensions etc) 

The reports can be downloaded by either:
a) Scanning the QR code on the product with a smart phone
b) Or entering the unique Mill-Pro batch number shown below

NOTE: due to the upgrade of our site, some of this traceability functionality above is still being transitioned, if it is not working, please email us the batch number to receive a copy of the report

The batch number is a six (6) digit number and can be found permanently marked in our products

Image PE pipe batch number
Image MP sticker