WWP Reducers Landing

Mill-Pro offers a wide range of reducers for various application including:

  • Moulded Electrofusion reducers:  Injection moulded in PE100 RC compounds, offering standard reductions in smaller diameter pipes up to dn225.
  • Fabricated / Moulded Spigot Concentric reducers: Either injection moulded or machined from hollow PE100+ bar in any size combination required up to dn2000.
  • Fabricated Eccentric reducers: Eccentric reducers are designed to maintain the pipelines level invert. This maintains flow at the bottom of the pipe and prevents sediment from forming at the size change. Commonly used where velocities are low, Eccentric reducers are machined from hollow PE100+ bar in any size combination required.

Standard dimension tables for typical reducers are given below, these are limited to two size reduction, however, fabricated reducers provide the opportunity for large step changes, stepping down several pipe sizes in a single reducer.  This can be beneficial where a large reduction needs to take place with limited space, for example, dn355 to dn110 where space prohibits the connection of four standard reducers in a line with couplers to make the diameter change.  

Step reducers are machined from extruded hollow bar to accommodate step-change over a short distance. All variants of reducers are not listed in the tables but are manufactured to order on request.  Available in black and single piece orders, contact us for special requirements.

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