FRIAFIT FIXBLOC is used where axial thrust, thermal and tensile forces must be absorbed into a structure to anchor the PE pipe. For example, pipe rehabilitation where the PE exits and enters the host pipe or replacement of a valve inside a chamber, where the PE pipe ends were not anchored in the walls using puddle flanges. (valve removal can cause the flanged ends to pull apart towards the chamber walls due to inherent stresses in PE pipes beyond the chamber) 

High levels of push-pull forces of up to 40 kN per FIXBLOC can be absorbed or more when using several FIXBLOCs on the same pipe. Users should consider the ability of the structure to absorb the expected forces. 

FIXBLOC assembly using a 50mm tensioning belt or where the pipe circumference is not accessible, using the several clamps unit. Fusion is carried out using standard FRIAMAT fusion units.

The pipe surface must be clean, dry, free of oils and grease and mechanically peeled or scraped prior to fusion

Product Code dn L H h1 B Availability in Hong Kong
P3310.040.1601600 160-1600 220 40 45 60 8-12 weeks