Blue Flange Adaptors

Flange Adaptor / Long Spigot / PN16 / SDR11

Standard PE100 flange adaptor complying to ISO 9624 SDR 11.  Injection moulded in PE100 RC blue compound, with an extra-long spigot to allow fastener removal once fused in place.  Loose backing flanges, fasteners and gaskets are not included with standard flange adaptors.

PE standard flange adaptors in sizes ≥ dn250 create a large internal step on each side of the joint (See the Fig. below) when they are bolted to matching flange patterns of DI valves and DI or Steel fittings. For sizes ≥ dn250 a full-face flange assembly is required to directly bolt a DI valve or fitting to PE flange adaptor to match the internal nominal bore (not creating a large internal step). All standard PE flange adaptors of any size are suitable for PE to PE pipe joints without creating an internal step.
WSD PS require full face flange assemblies to be used on sizes > DN150.
AoR dimensions are available on request, please contact us.
Product Code dn D5 D4 d3 le t3 L h1 Availability in Hong Kong
P5826.135.090 90 103 AoR 73 AoR AoR 127 40 Ex-Stock
P5826.135.125 125 130 AoR 101 AoR AoR 152 48 Ex-Stock
P5826.135.180 180 185 AoR 146 AoR AoR 184 50 Ex-Stock
P5826.135.250 250 283 AoR 202 AoR AoR 200 53 Ex-Stock
P5826.135.315 315 333 AoR 255 AoR AoR 258 60 Ex-Stock