EF Spigot Air Saddles

Black Spigot Saddle / SA UNI / PN16 / SDR11

The Friatec SA UNI electrofusion spigot saddles are typically used for attaching air valves via a flanged connection. The SA UNI can be installed during construction or post-construction when the pipeline is under normal operating pressure.  Connections can be made 'live' using under pressure tapping equipment.  This prevents the main having to be shut down during the installation process.

Pressure test of the saddle after fusion is recommended, before drilling the tapping hole into the main pipe via integrated pressure nozzle and pressure test adaptor - FWDPA.

Assembly is conducted using the FRIATOOLS clamping unit UNITOP. Tapping in the unpressurised condition can be achieved using the correct size hole saw. 

The transition to the flange for connecting the isolations valve and air valve assembly is made using a standard Coupler and Flange adaptor onto the saddles spigot outlet.

NOTE: The pipe surface must be prepared in accordance with the general installation instructions using a mechanical saddle peeler, 90% Isopropyl alcohol wipes and we recommend using the Friamat fusion control unit to achieve correct preheating and logging the full range of weld data available.

Larger DN150 (dn160) saddle offtakes with a DN150 / dn160 flange adaptor are available on request.
Product Code dn1 dn2 L1 L2 le Z da Availability in Hong Kong
P3316.187.250-280090 250-280 90 260 279 79 130 66 8-12 weeks
P3316.187.250-280125 250-280 125 260 279 87 146 94 8-12 weeks
P3316.187.315-400090 315-400 90 280 279 79 130 66 8-12 weeks
P3316.187.315-400125 315-400 125 280 279 87 146 94 8-12 weeks
P3316.187.450-800090 450-800 90 307 279 79 130 66 8-12 weeks
P3316.187.450-800125 450-800 125 307 279 87 146 94 8-12 weeks