Specialty Couplers

Relining and Rehabilitation Overview

Using Polyethylene to rehabilitate existing Ductile Iron and Steel pipelines that have reached the end of their operational life, is commonplace around the world.  Approximately 50% of the Hong Kong Water Supplies Department's 5700km drinking and flushing water supply network was either rehabilitated or replaced between Years 2000 to 2015, the majority repaired or replaced using Polyethylene pipes. 

Rehabilitation using PE typically involves the insertion of a custom size (non-standard pipe OD) PE pipe inside an existing host pipe, from point to point without excavation in-between.  There are many techniques and methods available to perform this kind of rehabilitation in sizes from DN50 to DN2000 and larger

For more information on rehabilitation methods and polyethylene products, request our presentation on rehabilitation 

The jointing of special non-standard size PE pipes can be challenging where there is no space for custom butt fusion equipment. Below is a wide range of specialty PE electrofusion couplers designed to accommodate a range of non-standard PE pipe sizes.  In addition, specific custom size couplers can be manufactured to order where there is sufficient quantity.  Contact us for more information about rehabilitation products.

Couplers / KM / XL / PN10 / SDR17

The conical ring coupler KM XL features a unique flexible technology that is designed to accommodate changes in the size (OD) and shape (Ovality) of existing large diameter PE pipes when repairing or connecting to existing mains. 

It is not uncommon for large-bore PE pipes that have been in service for some time, to grow 1-2% in diameter due to the constant hoop stress applied by the internal pressure. This increase in diameter is normal, however, it can make repair and connections using traditional slide over electrofusion couplers impossible.

Another common problem is uneven backfilling, this can force a pipe into an oval shape during installation and the pipe has been held in this oval position by the backfill since its initial burial. This ovality can also prevent repair couplers from being slid over the existing pipe.

The diameter range tolerance found in the KM XL overcomes this problem, installation can proceed after a single mechanical peeling, without the need for any retaining devices or re-rounding clamps.  The KM XL can accommodate in-ground pipe ovality of up to 6% of OD.

The preparations (removing the oxide layer/cleaning) and the assembly work (conical ring activation/fusion) are described in the general assembly instructions for the FRIALEN conical ring coupler KM XL. The conical ring coupler KM XL must be fused exclusively with the powerful fusion unit FRIAMAT XL fitted with a Y plug with an input voltage of 400 V and output voltage of max 80 V. The conical ring coupler KM XL d 1200 must be fused twice, on both sides of the coupler.

Note: There are separate fusions required for both the inside and outside conical ring.

Product Code dn D L Availability in Hong Kong
P3314.11.355 355 497 705 12 weeks
P3314.11.400 400 550 730 12 weeks
P3314.11.450 450 602 750 12 weeks
P3314.11.560 560 730 850 12 weeks
P3314.11.630 630 805 940 12 weeks
P3314.11.800 800 1005 1065 12 weeks
P3314.11.1000 1000 1245 1145 12 weeks
P3314.11.1200 1200 1450 1290 12 weeks

Couplers / REM / PN10 / SDR17

Relining couplers are designed for connecting custom size relining PE pipes (manufactured to non-standard OD's in order to fit inside existing DI or steel host pipes) to standard PE OD sizes.  Featuring all the same technical benefits that UB couplers have, these couplers are used to make small step transitions.  Friatec can custom manufacture relining couplers to accommodate most small steps found between custom relining pipe sizes and standard PE OD’s. Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ) will apply, contact Mill-Pro for your custom coupler requirements.

Product Code dn1 dn2 D L Availability in Hong Kong
P3314.10.110100 110 100 127 150 8-12 weeks
P3314.10.160150 160 150 180 180 8-12 weeks
P3314.10.315300 315 300 355 285 8-12 weeks

Couplers / MBI / UBI / PN13.8 / SDR11

Friatec MBI and UBI are imperial size couplers supplied to the US market. These provide a range of non-metric electrofusion couplers, which provide unique non-standard size options that can be used to line up with non-standard custom size PE pipes for rehabilitation.

MBI and UBI couplers feature all the same design benefits that MB and UB couplers have.

Product Code   dn D L L1 L2 Availability in Hong Kong
P331V.080.95 8" IPS 219 280 240 120 76 Contact us
P331V.081.95 8" DIPS 230 280 240 120 76 Contact us
P331V.080.97 10" IPS 273 355 300 134 80 Contact us
P331V.081.97 10" DIPS 282 355 280 140 84 Contact us
P331V.080.51 12" IPS 324 400 285 143 69 Contact us
P331V.081.51 12" DIPS 335 400 280 140 66 Contact us
P331V.081.52 14" DIPS 388 458 290 145 89 Contact us
P331V.096.53 16" IPS 406 500 320 160 96 Contact us
P331V.097.53 16" DIPS 442 560 290 145 87 Contact us
P331V.096.54 18" IPS 457 560 341 171 85 Contact us
P331V.097.54 18" DIPS 495 560 290 145 87 Contact us
P331V.096.55 20" IPS 507 630 360 180 92 Contact us
P331V.097.55 20" DIPS 549 630 290 145 63 Contact us
P331V.096.56 22" IPS 558 630 370 185 84 Contact us
P331V.096.57 24" ISP 610 710 400 200 105 Contact us
P331V.097.57 24" DIPS 654 813 420 211 122 Contact us
P331V.096.60 30" IPS 762 941 500 250 137 Contact us

MBI Couplers

UBI Couplers

Couplers / AMI / PN6.9 / SDR17

Friatec AMI are imperial size couplers supplied to the US market.  These provide a range of non-metric electrofusion couplers, which provide unique non-standard size options that can be used to line up with non-standard custom size PE pipes for rehabilitation.

AMI couplers feature all the same design benefits found with AM couplers.

Product Code   dn L L1 Availability in Hong Kong
P331T.080.95 8" IPS 219 200 100 Contact us
P331T.080.97 10" IPS 273 211 106 Contact us
P331T.080.51 12" IPS 324 220 110 Contact us
P331T.080.53 16" IPS 406 220 110 Contact us