Repair Saddles

Black Reinforcing saddle / EF / RS / PN16 / SDR11

Compact PE100+ electrofusion fitting manufactured using 2x PE saddles bolted together with fusion zones on both parts. These can be fitted to pipes after squeeze off has been performed to ensure there is no possibility of slow crack growth crack initiation occurring in the squeezed area. Both the top and bottom parts require separate fusion to be performed once bolted to the pipe.

Product Code dn h L1 L2 Z1 Availability in Hong Kong
P3316.198.063 63 105.5 104 105 106 8-12 Weeks

Black Repair & Reinforcing saddle / EF / VVS / PN16 / SDR11

A PE100+ electrofusion reinforcing saddle and a repair saddle with a relief area above to cover a hole in the PE pipe or encapsulate leaking fittings /tappings (such as a broken tapping saddle fitting) These saddles consist of fusion zones on both parts and can be fitted over an area where tapping saddle was installed. Both the top and bottom parts require separate fusion to be performed once bolted to the pipe.

Product Code dn h L1 L2 Availability in Hong Kong
P3316.198.110 110 170 180 178 8-12 weeks
P3316.198.160 160 218 195 225 8-12 weeks
P3316.198.200 200 258 195 250 8-12 weeks
P3316.198.225 225 283 195 255 8-12 weeks

Black Repair Top Loading saddle / EF / VSC TL / PN16 / SDR11

Suitable for pipe diameters in the range given below, installed using the FRIATOP top-loading clamping Unit. Typically for holes or damage <d3. The hole or damage should be plugged to prevent any minor leakage during the fusion process, then the saddle can be applied, clamped using the top loading equipment and fused in place to createa permanent repair.

Product Code dn d3 L1 Availability in Hong Kong
P3316.088.250560 250-560 50 200 8-12 Weeks

Black Repair saddle / EF / RS XL / PN10-16 / SDR17-11

For the repair of damage such as scrapes >10% of the pipe wall, grooves or impact penetration that must be repaired on large pipes. A PE100+ saddle with exposed heating elements for optimal heat transfer. The RS XL repair saddle is assembled using the FRIATOOLS vacuum pump and sucks the saddle onto the pipe surface which applies the necessary force during the fusion process. The damage must be within the specified repair area 'dR' and may not intrude into the fusion zone.

This product is also available in PN16 / SDR11 pressure rating on request

Product Code PN10 / SDR 17 dn dR L1 L2 Availability in Hong Kong
P3314.088.560 560 230 530 577 12 Weeks
P3314.088.630 630 230 530 634 12 Weeks
P3314.088.710 710 230 530 712 12 Weeks
P3314.088.800 800 230 530 643 12 Weeks
P3314.088.900 900 230 530 714 12 Weeks
P3314.088.1000 1000 230 530 654 12 Weeks
P3314.088.1200 1200 230 530 655 12 Weeks