Replacement Parts

Components / Replacement Parts

Mill-Pro assembles the Odab and manufacturers cartridges at our warehouse in Hong Kong. We stock a comprehensive range of replacement parts and provide replacement filter cartridges ex stock.


Complete Assembly

Odab Complete Assembly
Without cartridge
for DS1033 PM.A00
for DS1034 PM.A02
for DS1077 PM.A01


Replacement Filter Cartridge

Odab Replacement Filter Cartridge
Activated carbon media with integrated rain guard and clear inspection panel
Reorder Code PM.A10 Standard Mix


Bellows Assembly

Odab Bellows Assembly
Bellows with vent disc and filter cartridge mounting spindle
Reorder Code PM.A30


PE Bucket Housing

Odab PE Bucket Housing
Plastic bucket container
Standard PM.A32


Manhole Pan and Seals

Odab Manhole Pan and Seals
316 Stainless steel pressed pan with integral seals
for DS1033 PM.A20
for DS1034 PM.A22
for DS1077 PM.A21