Replacement Cartridges

Color Indicated Media

The Odab uses a special media formulation that indicates H2S saturation with a colour change from black to blue. The cartridge design and formulation, using a combination of different media, ensures the entire absorption bed is utilised, maximising cartridge life and extending replacement cycles.


Typical Questions

How long will the cartridge last?

Experience in the United States is that cartridge life varies considerably due to pipe size, sewer volume, humidity, temperature and pipeline route complexity. Cartridge replacement can be a cycle anywhere from 6 to 18 months, each manhole chamber is different. We recommend inspection within a 12-month cycle until a repeating pattern can be established. Inspection cycles should be reduced for cartridges that are repeatedly found to be saturated at the 12 month inspection point, if odour is an ongoing problem at that location.

How can I tell if the cartridge is ready for replacement?

Typically, odour emanating from the chamber is a tell-tale sign. Next step would be to lift the manhole lid and inspect the removable cartridge. A clear cut-out window in the base of the cartridge will show the saturation level/colour change in the media. Once completely blue, cartridge replacement is required. A new cartridge can be dropped in at the same time, replacing the exhausted one.

What chambers will the device fit in Hong Kong?

The standard Odab is designed to fit directly into a Drainage Services Department (DSD) DS1077 manhole chamber frame and cover. We have alternate 316 Stainless Steel pans for other frame designs such as DS1033 & DS1034, these are typically used in rising main chambers containing air valves, however any chamber can be accommodated with a custom cut pan.

What materials is the Odab made of?

The Odab is a combination of PE, Nylon, PVC, EPDM seals and other polycarbonate materials that are completely resistant to H2S gas. The pan, fasteners and brackets are 316 Stainless steel to provide maximum life in the manhole chamber.

What about surface water and dirt washed into the manhole?

The stainless-steel pan is designed to be free draining to avoid pooling of water. The pan will capture surface debris and should be wiped clean each time the cartridge is replaced. Also, at this time the bucket can be lifted out and cleaned of any debris and checked for operation.

Why is the media cartridge vacuum sealed?

The media materials in the cartridge are affected by humidity and moisture. Cartridges must remain sealed until they are ready to be installed to maximise service life.


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