Hong Kong


Phone: +852 2543 6200

Email inquiries: info@mill-pro.com.hk

Fax: +852 2544 9342,

Office: Room 2103, 21/F Tai Yip Building, 141 Thomson Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong SAR


Eric Chau

Eric Chau 周貴謙

Sales Manager

Mobile: +852 6575 0010
Email: Eric.chau@mill-pro.com.hk



Long Yee SO 蘇朗頤

Customer Services Manager

Mobile: +852 2543 6200
Email: long.so@mill-pro.com.hk



Avery HUI 許學良

Sales Director
Mobile: +852 6110 1615
Email: avery.hui@mill-pro.com.hk

• 14 years Sales and Engineering in PE pipe and fittings in Hong Kong.
• 22 years in Engineering and Manufacturing.
• Master of Science Degree in Manufacturing Engineering at UK University of Warwick.



Susan LAI 黎碧珊

Supply Chain & Logistics Director

Mobile: +852 2543 6100
Email: susan.lai@mill-pro.com.hk



Han Seong KIM 김한성

Chief Inspector

• Graduated Industrial Engineering of MyongJi University, Seoul, Korea.
• 8 years experience in manufacturers on spiral, longitudinal and ERW steel pipe for oil, gas, and water. Structural pipes, including epoxy and PE 3-layer coating, as well as LPG tanks.
• 17 years with Mill-Pro as chief inspector for steel structures, steel pipes and other port facilities including coating systems.
• NDE level 2 (RT, UT, MT, PT)



Darryl Mason

Technical Director

Mobile: +64 21 959 199
Email: darryl.mason@mill-pro.co.nz

• Darryl is based in New Zealand and supports Mill-Pro in Hong Kong as required.
• 30 years specialising in polyethylene pipeline systems design, manufacturing and technical support.
• 19 years within the electrical manufacturing and wholesale industry in sales and management roles.