Our Capability


Mill-Pro is a specialised engineering solutions business.  We have spent years developing a small number of reliable exclusive sources within the product segments we work in.  These sources are best in class, located in emerging markets and were already or have been developed by us to meet the international quality, safety & environmental audit requirements found on large-scale construction projects from demanding clients.


Our team has extensive construction experience & product knowledge which we provide to our clients & designers on how to deliver the best-aligned outcome at the most efficient cost utilising off shore sourcing. We do not use any source which has not been previously audited by us and for which we do not have a supply relationship with.  Ultimately, we are the supplier and we take 100% of the contractual & product risk associated with supply to provide our clients a delivered solution with comprehensive documentation and traceability.


Mill-Pro is 40% owned by GS Global, a Korean listed trading company with revenues of ~US$3Bn, Our shareholder partnership, gives us a balance sheet which allows us to provide credit lines, performance bonds & finance to deliver projects on a large scale.  We have invoiced projects in excess of US$45m to Rio Tinto in Australia for Cape Lambert for fabricated steel, steel piles and pre-cast concrete. The balance of our shareholders are employees, so we all have a deep commitment to ensuring the project is successful.


Mill-Pro is a relatively small privately owned organisation (~ 20 ppl). We are a team of experienced people from the construction & manufacturing industry.  Our team are specialists in the products and areas we operate in such as Polyethylene pipelines, structural steel fabrication, tubular piles, Precast concrete, Valves, Pipeline materials, anti corrosion protection systems.  In each product / market we have the specialists to engage with our clients.


We mitigate product and schedule risk through our direct and continuous involvement at the source. Our long relationships and our expatriate are on the production floor before manufacture begins and for the entire fabrication and loading process until the ship departs, we have a simple rule: "If we are not present, it's not being fabricated"

We use internationally recognised ILAC third parties such as SGS to provide independent testing and raw material verification and to conduct their own random inspection & reporting. Own full time expatriate inspectors eliminate the risks associated with using local inspectors.  Our inspection process is daily with extensive weekly client reporting for the duration of manufacturing.


We invite you to ask us for a variety of referees who can confirm our product and delivery reputation on projects we have executed in the last few years, have a look at our recent projects here.