Black 30º Bends

Black 30º Injection Moulded Electrofusion Elbows / PN16 / SDR11

Friatec's PE100 RC Injection moulded electrofusion elbows are suitable for fusing pipes from SDR11 to SDR17.6  Electrofusion sockets feature all the same performance benefits found in black couplers along with built-in reinforcement, so no de-ration is required.  

NOTE: The pipe ends and sockets must be prepared in accordance with the general installation instructions using a spigot mechanical peeler, 90% Isopropyl alcohol wipes and we recommend using the Friamat fusion control unit to achieve correct preheating and logging the full range of weld data available.

Frialen Black Electrofusion elbows are made in Germany.

Product Code dn D1 L L1 L2 Z Availability in Hong Kong
P3316.111.090 90 115 224 72 43 24 8-12 Weeks
P3316.111.125 125 158 270 85 51 30 8-12 Weeks
P3316.111.180 180 229 390 101 57 79 8-12 Weeks