Mill-Pro inspects, tests and reports on all products it supplies. We create and maintain extensive data records (for some projects they are hundreds of pages) on our web site to allow our clients to down load them. Generally records are kept live for at least several years. Reports usually include some or all of the following: raw material certificates, batch release reports (BRT), inspection reports, material & product test reports, material traceability data, Mill-Pro 2nd Party reports and ILAC certified third party test reports. 

The reports can be downloaded by either:
a) Scanning the QR code on the product with a smart phone
b) Or entering the unique Mill-Pro batch number below

The batch number can be found permanently marked in our products or on the Mill-Pro adhesive label attached to our products.

Image PE pipe batch number
Image MP sticker 

For Mill-Pro supplied PE and Steel products access is unrestricted.

In some cases access to these reports is restricted at a client's request. If you are our client you can email us here from your company email address to request a password for access. 
If you are not our client but you have our products and wish to review the MDR, you can email us here to request access and we will seek approval from that client on your behalf.