WWD Bends Landing

Mill-Pro offers a wide range of CCTV bends in any angle from 1º to 45º for horizontal installation in gravity sewers.

  • Swept bends: For bends installed horizontally in a gravity line up to DN/OD 500 must be swept type 
  • Segmented bends: factory-fabricated from CCTV or black Pipe, these are available in sizes DN/OD ≥560 in any angle with the minimum radius; ≤ 22º angle, r=≥ 4xOD, and bends with >22º angle, but ≤ 45º angle, r= ≥ 7xOD, in accordance with DSD Appendix 5A.

Segmented Bends

These are fabricated to BS EN 12201-3 Annex B.3, made by cutting pipes on an angle (cut angle), rotating one of the cut ends 180º and welding the angled segments back together.  See Fig. 1 below.