Special Fittings

Mill-Pro partners with REINERT-RITZ to offer the worlds leading specialist engineered PE products to selected markets in the Asia Pacific region. Founded in 1970, Reinert-Ritz developed engineering solutions for plastic products that others have followed.

Reinert-Ritz holds multiple patents for technologies associated with Polyethylene pipeline materials and is the world leader in fabricated engineered PE products for water, wastewater and gas with German DVGW approvals on most products.

From their world class manufacturing facilities in Nordhorn Germany, Reinert-Ritz offers a wide range of specialist engineered PE products with to provide complete solutions to integrate PE from 63 to 2000mm.

For the full product range contact Mill-Pro or visit www.reinert-ritz.com



This fitting demonstrates the capability of Reinert-Ritz to create almost any fitting that can be conceived. In this case a hydrant off-take with level invert scour and branch tee, fully pressure rated.