Pushfit Fittings

Pushfit features

Pushfit fittings are quick and easy to use, with no nuts to loosen or leave undone. They are a ‘stab’ fitting, simply push the Polyethylene pipe fully home into the fitting to complete the joint. Designed for connections between 20mm to 63mm PE, they are available in joiners, bends, tee’s reducers, threaded ends etc.

Pushfit fittings are rated* “Class 1” according to ISO 14236. The means the fitting is fully end-load bearing at test pressure. The pipe will not pull out of the fitting under tensile load (such as in ground movement conditions). Tensile resistance without pressure in the pipe is the hardest condition to achieve, as typically in such mechanical compression fittings the internal pressure assists the fitting to grip the pipe resisting tensile loads. The gripping of the PE pipe and seal between the pipe and fitting increases with pressure and tensile load so the pipe will fail before the fitting lets go of the pipe or leaks.


  • Rapid & Reliable assembly on site, no loose parts to assemble or lose in the trench
  • Simple assembly in any weather condition, up to 10 x faster assembly than electro fusion joints and no cleanliness requirements on site
  • Eliminates any risk of galvanic corrosion sometimes found between PE transition couplers and valve materials especially in saline conditions
  • Complete product range available to connect the pipe to other materials such as valves and other fittings and also to connect different sizes of PE up to 63mm OD
  • Manufactured from engineered plastic Acetal in black colour for maximum durability and UV resistance in above or below ground applications
  • Millions of Pushfit fittings have been in service around the world for more than 30 years with a long and reliable reputation

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Technical data for water

Working Pressure:
Fully rated for 16Bar operating pressure @ 20°C

Test Pressure:
Rated for 24 bar test pressure @ 20°C

Working temperature:
Up to 40°C continuous operation

Pushfit meets or exceeds the requirements of the following standards for fittings:
BS EN 1254-3-1998,
ISO 3458, 3459, 3501, 3503,
DIN 8076, WIS 4-23-04, WIS 4-32-11
AS/NZS 4129

All fittings are WRAS listed for water potability approval.

Pushfit fittings are designed for SDR11 or lower pipe, in some cases to obtain a Class 1 tensile loading with no internal pressure on SDR 11 pipe, a liner may be required, these are supplied at no charge.