Fabricated Fittings

Mill-Pro can provide virtually any polyethylene fabricated pressure fitting from 32mm to 2000mm OD, in any SDR / PN rating from SDR7.4 (PN25) to SDR41 (PN4).

The Mill-Pro team have more than 20 year’s experience in PE fitting design, including calculation and application of de-rating factors for specific applications to ensure long term performance.

Mill-Pro’s fabricated fittings are manufactured from the same high quality compounds such as our pipes and moulded fittings to EN 12201-3 / ISO 4427-3.  Every fitting carrying the Mill-Pro brand is inspected throughout the production process, from raw material to packaging.

The 26-character 1D bar code and matching QR code contains the compound type, manufacturing facility, date of manufacture, batch number, melt flow & type, product type and moulding number according to ISO 12176.  Each of our products is fully documented and traceable through our installation app or on our web site using the batch number.

This section contains a selection of our standard fittings, however any fitting in any size can be designed & manufactured to order, refer to the Special Fittings section.

For fabricated bends Radius R = 1.5DN – to 3.0DN depending on the pipe size can be fabricated for pressure applications. Standard is: