Fabricated Pressure Fittings

These fittings are suitable for pumped sewers or rising mains. They are generally not suitable for gravity applications unless being used as part of a vertical drop.

Mill-Pro can provide any fitting design for pressure fitting from 110mm to 2000mm OD, in any SDR / PN rating from SDR7.4 (PN25) to SDR41 (PN4).

The Mill-Pro team have more than 20 years’ experience in PE fitting design, including calculation and application of de-rating factors for specific applications to ensure long term performance.

Mill-Pro’s fabricated fittings are manufactured from the same high quality compounds such as our pipes and moulded fittings to EN 12201-3 / ISO 4427-3.  Every fitting carrying the Mill-Pro brand is inspected throughout the production process, from raw material to packaging.

An unlimited range of custom-made fittings is available, typical standard fittings are;
- Flange adapters to connect to pumps, valves and other equipment
- Fabricated Bends for use in pumped sewers
- Formed swept bends for use in pumped sewers
- Restraint Flanges for transitioning a pipe through a concrete chamber or structure
- Grooved ends for mechanical grooved connections to PE


This section contains standard fabricated fittings. Other fabricated fittings can be designed & manufactured to order, refer to the Special Fittings section.  

For fabricated bends in pressure applications the following bend radii are typical.

Radius R = 1.5DN – to 3.0DN suitable for pressure waste water.


NOTE: Larger radius for reduced friction (7 x OD, 10 x OD) can be fabricated with multiple segments from pipe.