Fabricated Drainage Fittings


Fittings designed for gravity Sewers or gravity Stormwater applications (may be suitable for pressure applications).

(Contact Mill-Pro for detail on what pressures > 0.5 Bar can be applied to specific drainage fittings in our range.)

Mill-Pro offers a standard range of fabricated Polyethylene drainage fittings from 110mm to 2000mm from SN6 to SN100, however any PE fitting can be custom-made, typical standard fittings are: 

  • P Trap with rodding eye for draining the base of manhole chambers (DSD standard design)
  • Bell Mouth exit flange & elbow for rising main discharge into chambers
  • Transition fittings connecting PE to traditional materials such as; Reinforced Concrete Pipe (RCP), Vitrified Clay Pipe (VCP), PVC Pipe, PP Pipe, Ductile Iron (DI) pipe.
  • Sliding Manhole Joints (SMJ) flexible joints for connecting PE to concrete manhole chambers which allow for minor chamber & pipe settlement in non reclaimed land
  • Rigid Manhole Joints connecting PE to concrete manhole chambers in larger sizes (>630 OD) and for use in reclaimed land where significant chamber or pipe settlement is expected
  • Puddle flanges for pipe transition through or anchoring to chamber walls - available with an optional hydrophilic water stop seal 
  • Fabricated swept bends, formed from CCTV pipe to create a smooth bend without joints in various Radii from r=4.0 to r=7.0 in sizes up to DN 700
  • Fabricated segment bends made from CCTV pipe for gravity use in larger sizes where joints do not effect flows in various radii from r=4.0 to r=10 in sizes up to DN 1800
  • Junctions size on size and reducing Oblique 45º branch tee and a Swept Branch Tee 90º for intakes to existing PE lines
  • Eccentric reducers for maintaining level invert when stepping down in pipe sizes
  • Wye junctions 

Fittings are manufactured in accordance with EN 12201-3 / ISO 4427-3 (by default comply with EN 12666-1) using only factory butt welding techniques to ISO 21307 making them suitable for pressure testing to 0.5 Bar.

Mill-Pro does not use extrusion welding in the fabrication of any of its fittings.

Radius R = 4.0DN – to 10.0DN (Designed for gravity, radii below 4.0 are not recommended for horizontal gravity applications).

For vertical drops moulded and fabricated fittings with R=1 can be used, with an optional rodding eye added, these can be found here.



Mill-Pro follows industry accepted practice for gravity sewer bend radii.



Number of segments in fabricated bends > 500 DN/OD

≤ 22°

r = ≥ 4 x pipe DN/OD

≥ 3

> 22° – ≤ 45°

r = ≥ 7 x pipe DN/OD

≥ 4

> 45°

r = ≥ 10 x pipe DN/OD

≥ 6

Larger radius bends such as r=10 can be used where bends ≥ 45º are required.