Polyethylene Pipes and Fittings

We specialise in PE100 RC CCTV Pipe, wastewater pipe and PE fittings for drainage, including gravity sewer, stormwater and pressure sewer rising mains. Our pipe and spigot fittings are made under licence in accordance with BS EN 12201 and ISO 4427 and our own specifications. Manufactured with our brand, supervision and independent inspection pre-shipment.

Our electrofusion fittings are exclusively supplied by Friatec Technical Plastics Germany. Friatec are the original inventors of HDPE electrofusion (EF) couplers and the world’s largest producer of EF fittings for drainage.
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Mill-Pro is headquartered in Hong Kong with regional offices in Australia and New Zealand and our PE water pipes and fittings are warehoused in Hong Kong.
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Mill-Pro manufactures it’s pipe in an exclusive partnership with a world leading manufacturer.  Established in 1984 they are a global pioneer in Polyethylene pipe installing one of the first 1600 OD pipe extrusion lines as early as 1996. With a 248,000m2 manufacturing footprint and capacity of 40,000mt, Mill-Pro provides a full range of polyethylene pressure pipe from 110-2000mm OD.



Mill-Pro introduced a world first for Polyethylene pipe, permanently marked QR codes repeating at 1m intervals in conjunction with standard pipe marking and 40-character traceability bar codes. These codes provide instant access to the MDR (Manufacturers Data Records) for the item being scanned.

This provides not only assurance that the products you have purchased are genuine Mill-Pro products, but also allows pipes and fittings to be audited in real time on site.

All pressure fittings and most drainage fittings have 26-character traceability bar codes and QR codes applied using weatherproof adhesive stickers and are sealed and protected from the weather until they are used.

QR Codes can be read using any IOS or Android smart phone with a camera.

Typically, devices require a 3rd party bar code scanner app. Mill-Pro recommends either NeoReader or QR Reader.





Sample QR code

Try this link to a typical Mill-Pro MDR for 355 OD SDR 17 M90S pipe.