Hong Kong / Limitations on reimbursement for site test failures


WSD Appendix 22.09 section 10, Inspection & testing after delivery / Testing and inspection / equivalent sections in other PS Appendices regarding testing of pies and fittings after delivery (known as Site Tests)

Background: There have been cases of site testing of PE pipe and fittings for Hong Kong projects where the third-party testing was not conducted to the standard we would expect from an ISO/IEC 17025 certified laboratory.  Due to this, we hereby advise our clients that Mill-Pro’s liability for the payment of retesting failed results is now limited within the requirements below.  The laboratory must produce the supporting test data and the failed sample/s to demonstrate that the pipe or fitting has actually failed the required tests.

Mill-Pro only uses PE100 RC compounds in our stock pipes and spigot fittings and we stand behind every PE product we deliver; however we cannot be held responsible for retesting of site samples where the testing lab cannot produce basic industry standard test reporting and the samples for inspection.

Example 1. Failed 165-hour @80’C hydrostatic testing.  Failure was the result of a defective or non-calibrated pressure transducer at the testing laboratory.  The same pipe sample was retested at the same laboratory using a different transducer and fully complied.  The testing laboratory was unable to provide pressure data logs of the failure or a calibration certificate for the transducer, without these basic documents there was no way to confirm the accuracy of the pressure test and equipment.

Example 2. Failed 1000-hour slow crack growth test.  Some laboratories offer Hong Kong contractors cheap SCG testing prices and then report failed tests, so they can charge the contractor a second time for retesting the pipe sample (we believe they may not perform a retest it at all).  The testing laboratory refused to return the failed sample for inspection claiming the sample was destroyed immediately after the test and they could not provide copies of pressure data logs showing the failure or provide the information required in the standard in respect to sample preparation on conditioning and crack dimensions.

In the case of a failed SCG sample, where the contractor requests Mill-Pro to pay for the retesting, the testing laboratory must produce the following information:

  1. Current ISO/IEC 17025 certification that has testing to EN 12201 within their testing scope (WSD Requirement)
  2. Calibration certificates for the testing equipment that is not less than 12 months old (WSD requirement)
  3. Return of the failed sample to Hong Kong within 14 days after failure for inspection by Mill-Pro.
  4. The sample preparation parameters: conditioning time, actual dimensions of each v-groove cut in the pipe. (Standard Requirement)
  5. Pressure, temperature & time data logs for the failed sample so we can confirm what pressures and temperatures the pipes or fittings were exposed to during testing (an example of such a pressure/time log is below)

For further information on recommended laboratories to use, please contact Avery Hui on +852 6110 1615